Tummy Time and a Skunk

Tummy Time!IMG_0693

We have been home for almost 72 hours now and we might be starting to figure out a little bit of a routine.  We had our first visit with the pediatrician on Thursday morning.  Jace is doing fine, but we did NOT like the pediatrician and will be seeing someone else for the Monday weight check (Jace has to get his weight checked pretty often to make sure he doesn’t start losing weight).  Hopefully the new doctor will be better!

I had my follow up appointment on Thursday also.  The doctor said I’m fine but I still can’t do any exercise, can’t lift anything, and have to avoid stairs.  I guess the day Jacen was born I lost over 4.5 pints of blood, but I seem to be okay now.

Adam is back at work.  I thought we were doing pretty well getting him sleep and naps and everything, until last night.  Last night Cuervo decided that dealing with a new baby wasn’t enough of a challenge, so he added a new little twist – and got himself sprayed in the face by a skunk at 1:30am.  Awesome.  That turned into quite the ordeal.  Our entire house now smells like Febreeze.

We officially cut our NICU bracelets (anklets?) last night.  Yay!IMG_0687

And other than playing with skunks for attention, Cuervo seems to have warmed up to the idea of Jace being an official member of the family now….IMG_0677 IMG_0682

We tried out the new Snugamonkey swing and Jace loves it!104_2029104_2028

And now Jace says it’s time to eat.  More later!


4 thoughts on “Tummy Time and a Skunk

  1. Ok, you definitely catch the reader’s attention with- tummy time and a skunk…
    Well, I thought you were referring to jace being stinky at first read, but turns out it was the dog, who knew?!?!!!

    Yay for Febreze! Save the nicu bracelets for a scrapbooks- or scan them for a shutterfly scrapbook or something! He’s so little in his swing! And so well coordinated- blue stripes, blue monkey blanket, monkey swing- I mean photo opportunity! Blue boppy with blue striped outfit!!! Too cute!
    Most adorable baby ever is all I got to say!!
    I am loooooving all the pictures!

    Thanks for all the amazing updates!!!!

  2. Jace is so handsome. He looks so comfortable being at home. Poor Cuervo, hopefully he learned his lesson, that had to be tough on all of you. Fingers crossed you find a pediatrician you like soon. You all just continue taking good care of each other, Love to you all.

  3. You’ve got one adorable baby, but you both must be exhausted. Hang in there, guys. It will get easier as he gets bigger and starts sleeping through the night. I’m talking about his teenage years, of course. 🙂 Love you!

  4. We are so excited that you have your whole family home, safe and sound. These photos are amazing!!! Jacen is the most adorable baby E-V-E-R! I can’t wait to hold him and hug him and kiss him. I am so happy you are getting into a routine. Makes things seem easier hu ? You have so many memories to make and so many things to cherish! Enjoy it all ! Love you! Thank you for the updates!

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