Jace is Wonderful!!

Well, so much for being caught up!  Just when we got a schedule down, things changed.  Adam had to go back to work, my computers broke, the plumbing in our house went crazy, and a bunch of other little things that made updating the website slip on our priorities list.  But truthfully, none of that stuff matters, because Jace is all we care about right now, and he’s doing great!

An update:

* Jace had a hearing test done on Friday.  He passed – yay!  They recommend a re-screen in 9 months because that is standard for all babies that spend more than 5 days in the NICU and because the antibiotics that he was on for the first 48 hours sometimes impact hearing.

* Jace moved from an incubator to a crib!  They are monitoring his temperature very closely.  They like babies to be able to maintain their temperature between 98.0 and 99.0.  With extra blankets, Jace is routinely at 97.9.  He’s getting there!

*  Jace is gaining weight!  He was born at 5 lbs, 0 ounces.  They expect babies to lose some weight after birth.  Jace dipped down to 4 lbs, 12 ounces, then started gaining.  He’s currently at 5 lbs and 6.4 ounces.  Hurray!

* Jace is eating well.  He has a feeding tube in right now because sometimes he’s too tired to finish his whole bottle (it’s hard work regulating your temperature and breathing and keeping your heart rate up AND eating!).

* Jace had his follow up cranial ultrasound today (Monday).  It’s standard practice for an ultrasound to be done 3 days after birth and 10-12 days after birth on babies born before 34 weeks – they look for bleeding in the brain due to the trauma of an early delivery.  Jace passed both ultrasounds.

* Jace is doing great!  He got his Hep B shot, his blood work is stable, his oxygen saturation is steady, his heart rate is consistent, and he’s breathing steadily.

So – there’s your update on everything Jacen!  My parents are in town right now visiting and helping out.  It’s been fun and they’ve gotten to spend some time with Jace in the NICU.

Jace gets to wear clothing now – so cute!SR

First time grandparents!  Grandparents

The two most adorable guys in the world!  (This is Jacen’s first outfit from home!).Adam


2 thoughts on “Jace is Wonderful!!

  1. YAY JACE!!!! He is such a stong hardworking baby! Everything sounds like it is going exactly as it is supposed to! He looks bigger! He looks very handsome in his new clothes. He looks extremely comfortable in his grandma’s arms! His grandpa looks very eager to hold him! His daddy looks very proud of him and his mommy looks excited and beautiful. You guys are such a great family! Thank you for the posting and the pictures! it keeps me feeling in the loop! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy for all of you. Jace is a champ! He looks great in his outfit from home, he matches his room. I can’t wait to get a hold of him. Love to you all!

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