Tuesday, May 28th


He is doing so well taking his bottles that they removed the IVs today.  Hurray!  That also means that it’s much easier to hold him now because we don’t have to worry about pulling out the IV or yanking on it and hurting him.  Adam and I spent a long time at the NICU today just hanging out with Jace.  Adam read his new book and we talked to Jace about our house, his furry brothers and sister, his relatives, and how excited we are that he’s here!IMG_0463

Alright – I’ve been trying really hard to only do a few pictures per post, but I just couldn’t decide between the below pictures.  These are the two most important people in my entire world and they’re super photogenic!  So, instead of picking my favorite, you get to see my top 6.  Adam and I have gone a little picture-crazy, so there are a LOT of pictures to choose from….  IMG_0465 IMG_0472 IMG_0480 IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0486


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 28th

  1. Ok, did anyone else notice this? In the fourth picture where Adam is smiling really big, do you see Jace’s little smile too? What an adorable scene. Both of you look so happy to be together!!!! Good picture taking, too!

  2. What a fantastic series of pictures! He looks even smaller in Daddy’s arms! He also looks like he’s getting a lot of good lovin’! Kiss him once for me!

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