Jacen Thomas Estrella!

Our son, Jacen Thomas Estrella, was born on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 8:06am.  He was 18″ and weighed 5 lbs.  And just like that, we’re a family of 3!

So, I think you all already know the story, but I woke up around 7am on Thursday morning and knew something was wrong.  We rushed to the hospital.  They gave me a bunch of shots to stop labor but ultimately decided that we needed to deliver right away.  The doctor made the call that there wasn’t time for an epidural, so I was given general anesthesia.  Adam had to wait in a different room.  About 30 minutes later, a nurse walked out of the operating room and handed Adam our son!  This is the first picture of Jacen.


This picture was taken in the nursery right after delivery.  The neonatologist was checking him out prior to the transport team arriving.IMG_0243

Jace was all strapped in for his ambulance ride to the NICU.  The hospital we delivered at takes care of babies with a gestational age of 36 weeks or more.  Jace was born at 33 weeks and 4 days, so he was taken to the NICU at a hospital 30 minutes away.IMG_0248


Jace, all settled in at the NICU.  Adam went to visit him and took a bunch of pictures.  Plus, he FaceTimed me so I could see Jacen.  It was sooooo nice to be able to see him!IMG_0271


3 thoughts on “Jacen Thomas Estrella!

  1. What an unexpected SURPRISE!!! Yay Jace! And yay to you both for getting to the hospital so quick and doing everything right! You’ve taken such great care of your little infant!!! He is so handsome! Looks a lot like his Daddy! And, i think I see a little of SallyRose’s eyes in there, too!

  2. You are doing such a good job on the website! I love that even though I’m far away, I get to stay updated with pics too- and that’s all because of you!
    And just think of when you tell Jace of his exciting entrance into the world, you have all kinds of photo documentation to share with him!
    And just like that- you were a family of 3!!


  3. This story sounds all to the same! You went through something very difficult and I can relate. I didnt get to hold my son until he was three days old. They showed him to me while I was in recovery just before they transported him to a NICU a few miles down the street. All I could see was his little butt. The opening for your arms was blocking his little face so didnt get to actually see him until he was three days old. =/

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