Our Nursery!

Our nursery is amazing.  We love it!  We worked on it Monday and Tuesday (buying mattresses, changing pads, waterproof stuff, rearranging, hanging pictures, etc).  Yesterday I finished up all the cleaning.  And today you get pictures!

This is the door to the nursery.  We need to figure out something to hang on the door, but I don’t know what yet….  104_2025

Here is the changing table/dresser corner!  Adam has decided that he is going to do the majority of the diaper changes (awesome, right?!), so notice the Ninja Turtles poster on the wall above the changing pad….!  104_2022

This is “my” corner.  Since I’m not traveling for the next 4+ months, I’m working from home.  I didn’t have anywhere else to move my desk, but this is the only non-baby-related stuff in the room.  And isn’t the valence over the window cute?!?!  104_2023

And this is the crib area!  And our dog.  The crib and the dresser/changing table match, which makes the room look so nice!104_2024

Ta da!  What do you think?!  We love it.  It was really fun to work on it together.  And the jungle animals are so cute!  We’re so excited!!!!


7 thoughts on “Our Nursery!

  1. Hooray!!! It looks so great! The green is so happy and bright! Super choice (yay Ameilia and Cherie) and the crib and changing table look like really beautiful pieces of furniture. Little what’s his name is going to be so happy in that room! I really like the window, too. He can look out on your tree. Is that the back or front yard? So glad you guys are so excited. I am tooooooooo! Love to all six of you!!!!-A.M.

  2. The nursery turned out Fantastic! I am so proud of the two of you, you really put yourselves onto that room. It looks so happy and welcoming. I really can’t wait to pictures of all of you including baby in the room. Love you all! So Exciting!

  3. cute cute cute! love the ninja turtles and the paintings on the wall! and the jungle animal theme! Maybe his name will go on the door? 😉 It turned out PERFECT!!! now it just needs a little bundle of joy!

  4. The nursey has come together PERFECT! WOW! I love it! All that hard work and patience, paid off. I bet every time you walk by the room or walk in…YOU SMILE! Your little bundle of joy will be here soon! xoxox Love you !

  5. Jacen looks stronger every day! He also looks bigger, and of course even more handsome! Lots of people think he looks like Adam, but I see both of you there!

    PS Congrats on passing the Professional Engineering exam on the first try, and with all 10 restroom breaks for a pregnant momma!

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