New England Weekend

In the interest of making this a “family” website and not exclusively a “countdown to baby” website, this post is less baby-focused….  Which is rough because the baby is pretty much all Adam and I think about at this point!

It has been a busy week+.  I spent 4 days in Idaho, then met Adam in Boston where we spent 3 days in the Northeast (mostly Maine and New Hampshire).  We had a great time.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

We tried to have someone take our picture on the beach….photo 1

Adam took my picture – it’s our baby’s first trip to the beach!photo 3 (2)

Here’s Adam with Kevin Eastman, a co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja 5 (2)

And lastly, here’s a picture of Adam in front of the store where we met a bunch of guys associated with the original Ninja Turtles comic.  He’s so cute!  photo 4 (2)

And now that we’re finally back in Tennessee, it’s time to get caught up on work.  And then we can get back to organizing and decorating the nursery!  Only 8 weeks and 5 days until our due date!



3 thoughts on “New England Weekend

  1. So happy to be able to catch up with you through this website. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Adam you look like you really had a great time meeting the “TMNT guys”. Keep posting I love this site. Can’t wait to see the nursery take shape.

  2. Ok, even if this is supposed to be a “family oriented” website, I loved seeing the pictures of your trip, I’m dying to see the nursery!
    Seriously though,
    1. Your belly is really big! P.s. love the boots!
    2. I think Adam does like turtles!!
    3. I miss you both!!
    4. So…. Any baby name posts in our future?!????
    5. Did I already say I miss you? I do! I think that’s it!!

  3. Wow! That little boy is really getting around and meeting so many new and important people! And, the BABY too, haha! It’s great that the whole family will enjoy comic cons together! I love the turtle/jungle theme, it’s very boyish. And the green in the room looks great, it will be neutral and will look great with animals on it. Nesting behavior sounds a lot like WORK to me. But you are getting so ready!!!! Very exciting. It was so cool of Cherie and Ameilia to help so much and to get so many of the things you’ll need. I can’t wait for pictures, too! Love you guys.

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