We Have A Nursery!

A few weeks ago I was perfectly content to put a crib in a corner of a room and call it the baby’s corner.  Adam and I hope to move sometime in the next year and creating a nursery seemed silly.  And then, something clicked in my head, and I decided I wanted a nursery and I wanted it NOW!  Poor Adam, he left for work knowing we were going to have a “baby corner” and came home to my sketched out plans of the nursery. 

Well, Amelia and Cherie came to visit this week.  I showed them the nursery (alright, at this point it was pretty much a clean, mostly-empty room, but I’m still calling it the nursery).  They determined that we needed to paint.  For the record, the walls in the nursery were a pretty orange color.  They weren’t pink.  Maybe a sunset orange.  But not pink!  However, Adam said the color was “gender neutral, as long as you’re a girl”.  Given that we’re having a BOY, painting seemed like a good idea. 

I don’t know how many of you know Cherie and Amelia, but when they get together, they’re not exactly the “let’s talk about this and think about it and plan it out and reconsider and maybe get to it eventually” type.  They’re the “we’re going to do it, so let’s do it” type.  Less than 24 hours after deciding to paint, they’d bought the supplies, taped the baseboards, painted the whole room, aired it out, removed the tape, and moved everything back the way it was.  Yeah – they’re fast.  And the room looks great!  And it’s definitely not pink.


Before and “During”.  See, orange, not pink (plus, check out Amelia’s painting shoes).                                  

No “after” pictures yet because we’re working on layout right now.  But once Cherie and Amelia painted our entire nursery, they took us shopping for Adam’s birthday and got us all set up for the baby!  It’s pretty awesome!  And really exciting!  But more on that later.  The pictures are on Adam’s phone and I want to organize a little more before taking “after” pictures….



3 thoughts on “We Have A Nursery!

  1. Can’t wait until more pictures! To see it all set up! And then… To see pics of the baby boy in the nursery!!!! Exciting!!! Live the new jungle green color by the way!!!

  2. Amelia and her shoes! I love it… I agree with Adam the color was not nuetral enough.. I like the color now! Great job ladies! Way to get it done! Sexy shoes and all!

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