Nesting and Registries

Guess what? Nesting is real! I like the house to be clean. Ish. But this is a whole new level of wanting to clean….! Poor Adam. He comes home from work and asks what I’ve been up to and I announce that I cleaned the inside of the crisper drawer in the fridge. Hmmmmm. Lucky for me, work is super slow this week so I have had plenty of time to clean my room (soon to be the nursery!), vacuum behind all the furniture, clean all the cabinets in the kitchen, sort our cleaning supplies, and box a TON of stuff for Goodwill. Next up? Below the bathroom sink, the linen closet, the shelf in the laundry room, and my going through my shoes.

Beyond the whole nesting/cleaning phase, things are pretty good. We’re still liking our “Birth and Babies” classes. The last one was all about pain management – breathing/massage technique and medications. There are a lot of options out there!

We registered for a TON of baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby and at Target. Here are links to our registries if you want to check them out. Our “theme” is jungle, although the jungle theme we selected seems to think turtles are a jungle item. I’m pretty sure that’s why we picked it. Adam really likes turtles, so he scanned just about every item in both stores that had a turtle on it. So, I guess our theme is jungle and turtles….

You can also just go to and click on registries and look us up under the “find baby registry” link.

Buy Buy Baby:
Again, you can just go to and look us up under the “baby registry” tab if that’s easier.

We’re thinking about buying the dresser/changing table soon because we want a place to start storing the cute little outfits people gave us for the baby for Adam’s birthday. I’ll post some pictures soon! OUR DUE DATE IS GETTING SO CLOSE! WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!!


3 thoughts on “Nesting and Registries

  1. Yay for registries!!!! Thanks- I’m on it!! Buy buy baby- what an interesting name. Shouldn’t it be.. Go go baby because they’re so active? Hmm… Or maybe baby needs lots? Can’t wait to shop- your registry will help me stay focused!!!!

  2. I hope they are not to worn after Adam wears his new outfits the received for his birfday, so the baby can wear them.

  3. The baby got gifts for Adams birthday.. Poor Adam… Did you get anything you wanted for your birthday Adam? lol…

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