They’re warming up to the idea…

A few people have asked us “how are your pets reacting to the pregnancy?”

From the looks of it, they seem pretty ok with it. 




5 thoughts on “They’re warming up to the idea…

  1. See- everyone’s excited! Including the best friend of the baby’s mom! Landed on any names yet? That could be a future post idea!!! Names you are considering!!!

  2. The kitties look so comfy! They have no idea what’s coming, but I bet they will be curious, and TJ (Tommy Junior) will love to play with them!

    How was bday dinner?

  3. Looks like the kitties are listening in to what the baby is saying and doing! I love that! They are excited for the new brother! Very cute pictures. You look happy and healthy, too, SR. That’s super! Love you.

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