Our son’s first sketch…

We recently went to a comic convention in Dayton, Ohio where we met Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo.  We asked if he could do a sketch for our son in a sketchbook we started for him and he seemed happy to do it.  Sally and I LOVE the way it came out and think it’s a great first sketch.



2 thoughts on “Our son’s first sketch…

  1. Love all the updates!
    Now I want one of the Star Wars tee shirt!

    You could get the sketch made into a t-shirt- I can totally see it… Maybe matching dad and son tees?!?!!!


  2. The sketch book is a COOL idea, Adam! And, I’m impressed you have a professional sketch in there already for little baby boy Estrella. You guys both look pretty good at the first day of the third trimester!!! Sally you are beautiful and glowing!!!! You too, Adam…beautiful and glowing!!! Can’t wait for more pics and updates. Love you both!

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